Retrieve encrypted passwords

Copy encrypted passwords, decrypt them and send to a designated email using a computer network.

Disclaimer: This article is to keep you aware of what bots can do. It is not to harm anyone, and we have not used this bot on anyone but on systems in our laboratory.

Technologies are designed to solve problems. However, in solving problems technology creates other problems, and we still need technologies to solve newly created problems. For example, computers are used in finance to develop applications that manage financial transactions, computers are used to develop programs to jeopardise the security of financial applications, and computers are used to develop defensive mechanisms to protect financial institutions against attacks. The cycle goes on and on. It is the ugly life cycle of technology. Today I will introduce you to our newly developed bot.

Bot name: divide_conquer

Version: 1.0

Mission: Access encrypted passwords, decrypted passwords and send to the caller using designated SMTP.

Developer: Dr Joshua Sopuru

Your computer houses so many important documents. For example, when you make use of google chrome or any other known browser, you have the option of saving login details of sites you visit for an easier login process next time you visit that website. Well, our bot looks for the location on your system that holds details of the sites and the individual passwords you use to access them.

You see on windows, for example, Chrome stores your password in a file called Login Data” located in the App Data folder. (C:\Users\$username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default.)

Accessing this file is the least thing our bot must do. Once the file is found, we decrypt the file and extract all passwords, usernames, and website addresses in form of a CSV file.

Using your system credentials and register keys our bot monitors your system activities and initiates the transfer of this file to a dedicated email address via available SMTP. Jackpot! And that is it. Our bot has compromised all your saved passwords. We can now use this information to access your profile on most of the websites you visited.

But the big question is, how do we get this bot into your system? Most times bots creep into your system by a user action (an action you perform). So, to avoid our bot and other bots by being careful online. Sincerely speaking, sometimes you might be very careful not to click on things you do not know yet still become a victim. Therefore, it is important to always check the security of your system and networks. For professionals who do serious jobs with their systems, I will recommend you consult a security expert from time to time to help in ensuring your game is tight.

I can recommend a few experts but top on my list is Associate Professor Arif Sari (Offensive Security Certified Expert (OSCE))

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