Regarding COMP103 and COMP104

Dear Students Welcome to the Fall 2020/2021 academic semester. My name is Dr. Joshua Sopuru and I will be your instructor for these courses. Kindly note the following regarding these two courses (COMP103 and COMP104):

These two courses are totally only: This means that we will not have any physical meetings regarding these courses. However, your mid-semester/final exams will probably be conducted on the school premises (physically)

These two courses are reading courses: This means that there are no lectures for these courses, I will only upload materials on eLearning and some discussions here on my website. It is your responsibility to read the uploaded chapters, participate in discussions. If you have questions after reading a chapter, kindly contact me either in the office or via email.

Chapters will be posted every week and we will begin with chapter one this week. Kindly check your elearning for this chapter. It will be posted probably on Friday evening.

I wish you all a successful semester.