ISMA500 Mid-Semester evaluation (Project)

Dear students as discussed in the class, kindly find below what you need to do for your mid-semester evaluation. Please note that this is 30% of your assessment. I expect a good job from us all

Project: In chapter 2 of our course, we discussed business process management. Business process management is done in other to better the existing processes of an organization. You are to investigate any organization of your choice. Explain using a diagram and short description the existing business processes, highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the existing business processes, then offer a new business process as a solution to the existing business process. When discussing the business processes, also highlight some of the IT systems used to power different areas of the business process.

Please note, I expect a diagram of the existing business process and a new diagram of your solution. You are to submit your work (Hardcopy) to me on the 8th of December 2021. Everyone is expected to make a PowerPoint presentation of what they have done.

Format of presentation

Slides should contain:

  • Brief history and name of the organization you investigated
  • Diagram and explanation of the existing business process
  • Advantages and disadvantages of existing business process
  • Diagram of your proposed business process
  • Advantages of your proposed business process.

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