Data Science for Everyone

Data science cuts across several fields. No matter the career you wish to pursue you will need data to develop intelligent systems. We have prepared a flexible program for all members to learn data science with Python. No matter your discipline, data science will provide value to you. The goal of this club is to eradicate the fears of machine learning and programming.  

Depending on your chosen stream, you will learn to use python  to manipulate, graph and analyse data, or build on your existing skills to create advanced data visualisations or master new analysis techniques such as mixed-effect modelling, ordination and more. As a member of this club, you will be able to undertake one (or more) of our case-study challenges, using open data to answer questions about a wide range of issues, giving you a flavour of real-life applications of data science.

As a member of this club you have access to several programming resources. Whether you are a novice to programming or a professional, this club will not only improve your skills but will also provide you with job opportunities. Most times members of this club have access to freelance projects or permanent employment. Note Members of this club are not all programmers but also individuals seeking to become programmers. Once you become a member, you will be asked to fill a form and an interview would be scheduled with Dr. Joshua. This interview is aimed at understanding your needs and preparing classes aimed at helping you achieve you need.

Requirements: Members of this club should be within the age range of 12-27 years. Please note that before you are accepted into the club, you must provide a proof of your age. Prospective members should also be available for training sessions/meetings at least once a month. 

NOTE: This is a mentor program, i will be with you throughout your journey of becoming a data scientist


Data Science Club

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