Dashboard creation (ISMA500)

Data is a critical component of decision-making, helping businesses and organizations gain key insights and understand the implications of their decisions at a granular level. And visual analytics, in the form of interactive dashboards and visualizations, are essential tools for anyone — from students to CEOs — who need to analyze data and tell stories with data. Public data sets are ideal resources to tap into to create data visualizations. Below is a public data gotten from the WHO archive on Immunization coverage estimates by region. With the information provided below, you can explore the data set and begin to create your own analyses.

Using tableau (The free version if you do not have the paid version) create a dashboard presenting the variations in the dataset. Also, perform some descriptive statistics of mean, variance, and standard deviation observed in the different regions represented in the dataset.

Based on your findings, tell the following story:

  1. Which region has the lowest rate of Immunization?
  2. Which has the highest rate?
  3. Do you think the distribution is normal?
  4. Based on the data, what will be your advice for future immunization plans

The dataset below contains polio immunization coverage among 1-year-olds

Using tableau, present a visualization by countries. Also tell the following story:

  1. Which country has the highest rate of immunization.
  2. based on the first dataset and this one, do you think the data has integrity? (Does the first dataset agree with the second dataset?)

The video below will guide you through learning Tableau. Please note you must not use tableau, you can use any tool you find convenient.

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