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ISMA 500

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Dear students, the below questions are a collection of some of the questions asked during your individual presentation. Go through the once relevant to the topic you discussed in preparation for your final exams. Also, remember the area of concentration we discussed for your final exams. See you on Thursday 11th June 2020 (6 PM)


ISMA 500 (Practice questions based on individual presentation)

1.    How has IT impacted business management?

2.    How can a new business take advantage of IT in promoting their values?

3.    Has the use of IT in business led to more profit? Give example of your answer

4.    How can businesses take advantage of current happenings to increase sales?

5.    How can marketers use IT to improve customers review of their products/services?

6.    What possible limitations do businesses face using IT marketing?

7.    Give an example of an enterprise application supporting marketing.

8.    How can IT be used to achieve a competitive advantage?

9.    Give an example of an IT tool that can be used for marketing research

10. How can marketers benefit from CRM to achieve target marketing?

11. Explain the importance of IT in presenting reports. Mention one IT tool used by marketers in presenting reports.

12. How has IT improved market segmentation?

13.Explain how big data has helped in market segmentation

14.Explain briefly how the DSS supports decision making in business

15. Does CRM have the capability of managing partners?

16. How can partnership help a business acquire greater market share?

17. List the 5Ps of marketing and explain how IT affects each of them.

18. How does the SCM help in achieving low-cost leadership?

19. How are business processes developed?

20.Which enterprise application helps in Business process management?

21. Give an example of a business process noticeable in any firm.

22. Give an example of a member of the Senior management.

23. Which level of management makes use of the ESS?

24. Can ESS help in prediction?

25.If I produce in Turkey and wish to sell in Ghana which countries law will apply to the sales of my product in Ghana?

26. Identity three system strategies organizations can use to achieve globalization.

27. How does a company’s organizational structure affect its performance?

28. What category of problem do you think can arise from a bad structure?

29. How can IT help a firm achieve Globalization?

30. What importance do you think websites play in globalization?

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