Enhancing business process management with
simulation optimization


From Data to Information from information to knowledge from knowledge to better business processes.

Business processes are sets of interrelated tasks designed to fulfill the need of a customer or to achieve a goal. A common goal of businesses is to make profit while satisfying their customers. Satisfying customers and making profit might be two parallel objectives. This is because, a business must invest in satisfying her customers, if such investments are not properly managed such businesses may incur loss. Making profits, achieving customer loyalty, having a greater market share all come with the price of having best business practices. Procedures of production, sales and after sale services must be efficient, unnecessary redundant processes must be removed and important processes optimized.

We have designed a system to help SMEs identify redundant processes and detect inefficient processes. Our solution presents a comprehensive report on processes needing optimization and corresponding solutions in form of models simulated using data you supply. We know that having great business processes does not assure a profitable business, the responds of customers to your
products or services is equally very important. Our solution also includes market targeting and value proposition setting. With this service, we are certain your idea or SME will succeed even in a high competitive market.

 How we work

During consolation we get to understand the nature of your business and the vision you have for the business. Customers share the areas of their business they need optimize and present information about their existing business processes. Based on the information provided by the customer, we develop a model of their existing business. Data relevant to the business model is then experimented on
the model with the aim of identifying areas needing change. After successfully identifying such areas, we present our findings and suggested business models to the client. If the re-engineered model involves a change in technology, we guide our customers on how to acquire and install such technology.

Illustration of processes we follow



Take Your Business Online

Easily transfer your services online. Our consultancy service helps business seamlessly transfer their processes, sales and after sales activities online. We also guide you through all the rigorous process until you are strategically positioned online 

Areas we cover for your online business (E-business)
Website Development

We help you develop an online platform equipped with the necessary technology needed to run and manage your business. Our solution is a CMS that is easy to use by anyone with no technical skill

Content Creation/upload

Creating contents for your online business is usually challenging. Our service guides you in creating and managing contents. If products are to be sold, we help you upload relevant descriptions for your products


With many substitutes online, advertisement is necessary for the success of your business. We guide you on target marketing by delivering the right value proposition to the right audience

Customer relation

If customers can trust you, you are certain to have them patronize you. We help you build a great reputation. We handle branding necessary to achieve a profitable business that customers can recommend. 

Price List

Idea to business

Service includes Business plan and model development, Financial projection analysis, target market survey and analysis, value proposition definition and general business startup consultation  

SME growth

Service include business process evaluation and re-engineering, business innovation, customer relationship management, growth analysis, strategy development, new market analysis and core competence development 


Service includes website development, content creation, customer relation and SEO consultancy. This service ensures that no matter the size of your business, you can still effectively compete online