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Case Study (Chapter 6)

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  1. What are the benefits of data-driven prosecution for crime fighters and the general public?
  2. What problems does this approach to crime-fighting pose?
  1. What people, organization, and technology issues should be considered when setting up information systems for intelligence-driven prosecution?

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1) The benefits of data driven prosecution for crime fighters and general public are;

a)The database can be used for Arrest Alert System if anyone is taken as defendant and is picked up or arrested for other borough of the city, any interested prosecutor parole officer intelligent officer can send a detailed email directly to him

b)The data collected by the city for driving the crime rates is decreasing with mining of information from the crime fighters, this may decrease the crime rate to zero on looking harder at the data

c)Compstat features are comprehensive and cityguide database that records all the crime reports along with complaints arrest, summonses in every city inclusive of time and place



2)The problems this approach to crime fighters pose is when prosecutors compile data using these databasapes, the criminal justice databases combine people who should not be in the system and they could potentially be targets for police.



3) When setting up information systems for intelligence-driven prosecution, management must recognize and know how to seperate the type of cases to recover the data. The organisation must maintain a level of secrecy of the sensitive data, all departments must understand how to actually use the resources. Lastly technologies must support and its should take choice for the criminals who should be in  jail and who should not be jail.

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1. The benefits of intelligence driven prosecution for crime fighters and the general public are:

a. The data base is used for arrest alert and some devices are also used to record all crimes reported.

b. It reduce the crime rate since everybody have a data base the fear of committing crime will reduce because the person can be easily located.

c. It shows the exact location the crime occurred to enable rapid response.

d. There won’t be fear of insecurity to the general public since anyone committing a crime can be easily located.

2. There are some problems affecting the crime fighting are:

a. Is easy for the police to jump into conclusion if there is any arrest alert.

b. If there is false alarm especially to unnecessary crimes and minor offenses like the boy that was arrested for jaywalking.

c. Risk/Release of individual to cyber hackers. Some experts can hack the system to edit or extract a particular information to suit themselves.

3. The crime fighters need to use the information wisely and correctly to avoid abusing it.

They need to be trained on how to respond or treat any crime.

There should be a backup option in case if there is loss of data.

The cost, staffs, and maintenance of the system needs to be considered.