CIS316 Quiz 2

Instructions: Prepare your answers on a word file and send to my email: Kindly note that this quiz is for 30mins. Start time is 3:30PM and Stop time is 4:00PM. Your answer sheet should arrival on my email not later than 4:05PM.

The area of concentration of this quiz is: Stored procedures, MySQL Triggers and views, and MySQL index.

  1. What is a stored procedure (10pts)
  2. Mention two advantages of using a stored procedure (10pts)
  3. List the two types of MySQL triggers (15pts)
  4. Is there any disadvantage of using triggers? Mention one (15pts)
  5. A database administrator does not want users writing MYSQL codes when making a query on the database, instead, he wants to write a query and have them simply call the query. What feature of MYSQL can help him achieve this? (15pts)
  6. In your own words(Note: Not from the internet), what do you understand as MYSQL index? (20pts)
  7. What MYSQL feature can I use to ensure that I create backup whenever a table is being updated? (15pts)

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