The health care industry of today is focusing on developing minimally invasive techniques for diagnosis, as well astreatment of ailments. The most promising development in this field involves marriage of the latest nanomaterial scienceand robotics technology with biological knowledge : Nanorobotics.

CIS316 Quiz 2

Instructions: Prepare your answers on a word file and send to my email: joshuasopuru@gau.edu.tr. Kindly note that this quiz is for 30mins. Start time is 3:30PM and Stop time is 4:00PM. Your answer sheet should arrival on my email not later than 4:05PM. The area of concentration of this quiz…


Dear students for the final examinations please review the following topics: Area of concentration for COMP103 1. System Units:  Introducing the System Unit Inside the System Unit  2. Operating system:  Starting the computer Providing the user interface  3. Networks: Communicating and Sharing¬† Area of concentration for COMP104 All chapters covered…