Agriculture: The future after COVID-19

With the current pandemic pulling down the economic structures we once relied upon a global recession is nearly impossible to avert. Subsistence agriculture will definitely be a solution for many families. Peradventure the economy of our nation declines to the point where existing structures become irrelevant, families will then have to manufacture food and other necessities for themselves. On the other hand, if our economy rebounds, subsistence agriculture is still relevant as there will be no reason for any food manufacturing firm to run a monopolistic market. With these thoughts on my mind, I, therefore, call on the citizens of Nigeria to at this time of lockdown (seat at home) return to the practice of subsistence agriculture. No matter how small your compound might be, get busy by investing in farming.

There is no doubt many Nigerians live in places where having a family farmyard is impossible, people in such a situation must be taken care of by the government even at this time and in the future. I strongly believe even in the midst of this pandemic; the government and people of Nigeria can see beyond this problem by beginning to invest in farming.

COVID-19 has not just come to kill through sickness, but also hunger. We must, therefore, fight the impending hunger this pandemic might bring. We must fight now!

My suggestions:

Each local government should allocate plots of land for immediate community farming. With limited workers on farmland adhering to all the precautionary measures to stay free from COVID-19, cultivations can commence immediately. Hopefully, farm outputs will be ready in due time to save lives when needed.

Community heads/chairmen should endeavour to maintain an up to date database of people living in their communities. The life of the “least” person in a community should be considered as precious as the lives of all people in that community. A working database will help ensure we know the welfare of everyone, and food/grocery is properly distributed when needed.

I plead with the government of Nigeria and able private sectors/churches to stand up at this time and take care of the needy amongst us. It is the duty of the government and her citizens to ensure everyone is taking care of.

Submitted to the Nigerian Government by 

Dr. Joshua Sopuru (Ph.D. Management Information System, CEO FETA)


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