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Arif Sari, Joshua Sopuru

Abstract: Cyber-physical systems, also known as CPS, have come to stay. There is no doubt, CPS would one day outnumber humans in industries. How do we evaluate the adaptation progress of these systems considering changing environmental conditions? A failed implementation of a CPS can result to a loss. Since CPSs are designed to automate industrial activities, which are centred on the use of several technologies, collaboration with humans may sometimes be inevitable. CPSs are needed to automate several processes and thus help firms compete favourably within an industry. This chapter focuses on the adaptation of CPS in diverse work environment. Considering the ecosystem of the CPS, the authors present a Bayesian model evaluating the progress of adaptation of a CPS given some known conditions.

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A Bayesian Network Model for Chronic Pancreatitis

 Objective: To employ a Bayesian network to derive relationships in symptoms observed in patients suffering from chronic pancreatitis. Symptoms are evaluated individually and the deployed model will effectively calculate the chances of a patient to have Chronic pancreatitis based on evaluated symptoms.  

Learn: software development, linux kernel, and artificial intelligence/machine modeling

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