Which of the following functional dependency diagrams accurately represents the following situation:
• A campus has many buildings.
• Each building has a unique name.
• Each building has many rooms.
• All rooms in any given building are numbered sequentially starting at “101.”
• Each room has a certain capacity, although many rooms in the same building or different buildings may have the same capacity.
• Each room is assigned to a single department.
• A department may have many rooms in one or more buildings, each with the same or different capacities.
A) BuildingName → (RoomNumber, Capacity, Department)
B) RoomNumber → (BuildingName, Department, Capacity)
C) (Department, Capacity) → (BuildingName, RoomNumber)
D) (BuildingName, Capacity) → (Department, RoomNumber)
E) (BuildingName, RoomNumber) → (Capacity, Department)